Discover Prague: The Top Spots for Unforgettable Photography

Hello, fellow photography enthusiasts! Today, I’m excited to share with you some of my favourite spots in Prague for capturing breathtaking images. Known as “The City of a Hundred Spires,” Prague offers a unique blend of history, architecture, and scenic beauty that makes it a photographer’s dream come true. Let’s explore!

1. Charles Bridge (Karlův most):

Undoubtedly, Charles Bridge is the most iconic spot in Prague. The bridge offers a panoramic view of Prague Castle and the Vltava River, providing an excellent opportunity for landscape shots, particularly during sunrise or sunset. Don’t forget to capture the ornate statues lining the bridge as well!

2. Prague Castle (Pražský hrad):

From Charles Bridge, your lens will naturally gravitate towards Prague Castle, perched on a hill overlooking the city. This historic castle complex boasts various architectural styles, including Gothic and Romanesque, offering an array of fascinating subjects for architectural photography.


3.  Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí):

The Old Town Square in Prague is a photographer’s dream. Centrally located, it’s known for its rich history and varied architectural styles from Gothic to Baroque. Standout features include the Astronomical Clock (Orloj), Týn Church, and picturesque pastel-colored buildings. This square is perfect for capturing unique shots of Prague’s charm.

4.Kampa Island Stairs:Just a short walk from Charles Bridge, Kampa Island offers the enchanting Prague Venice canals, but its true gem is the romantic staircase leading up from the island. The dreamy arch of trees over the stairs provides a perfect frame for stunning portraits.



5. Vrtba Garden (Vrtbovská zahrada):

Tucked away in the Lesser Town, Vrtba Garden is a Baroque terrace garden that offers stunning views of the city and is particularly beautiful during spring and summer.
Each of these spots in Prague tells a different story and adds a unique flavor to your photography. While these locations offer a lot to capture, don’t forget that sometimes the best photos come from unexpected places. So wander down the cobbled streets, explore hidden alleys, and let the magic of Prague reveal itself to you. Happy photographing!
Remember, when capturing these beautiful locations, respect the surroundings and the local culture. Also, keep in mind that some places might require permission before you can take photographs, so it’s best to check beforehand.

(There is the entrance for the photographer cost is 50£ and is not always open if they have booked a wedding)
6.Havlíčkovy Sady:

This expansive park, inspired by the Italian Renaissance, is a lesser-known treasure of Prague. Its vineyards, the picturesque grotto, and the Grebovka Pavilion are wonderful spots for a photo session. Especially during the autumn season, the park turns into a riot of colours, making for some truly vibrant shots.

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