Frequently Asked

What is your approach towards making a wedding film?

We are committed to storytelling. Our videos transcend trends, focusing instead on content and visuals. Our deep belief in cinematic principles guides us to present weddings in a refreshing and unique style, ensuring the essence of emotions remains central.

Do you travel?

Yes, we do travel all across the world.

What are the deliverables?

Our main videography deliverables include a 3-5-minute cinematic highlight film and a 1-3-hour cinematic film. For our wedding photography service, we provide 700+ edited photographs.

When can we expect the delivery?

Editing a film is a deeply creative process that we take very seriously. Each film undergoes several iterations until we can proudly declare, ‘This is our best work to date.’ Delivery of your complete film typically takes 3-4 months, depending on our schedule.

How big is your team? 

The size of our team is tailored to meet individual requirements, with a minimum of one. While a team of three is usually sufficient to comprehensively capture a wedding, we can assemble a team of up to ten if necessary.

My wedding is next year, is it too early to enquire?

As we accept a limited number of weddings each year, we are typically booked 8-9 months in advance.

What are your payment terms?

We require a 30% deposit of the total booking amount at the time of booking, with the remaining balance due prior to the delivery of the deliverables.

How much is your package? 

Our package starts from £1 800.

How far are you able to travel for the wedding? 

We travel all across the world.

Can family and friends take photos/videos during our wedding?

While we do not prohibit guests from taking photos or videos, we kindly request that they respect our working space to ensure the highest quality capture of your wedding.

How much is the deposit?
A 30% deposit of the total price is required to secure your wedding date, with the remaining balance due prior to the delivery of your photos or videos.